Shady River RV Resort

September 2022 brought us a foggy and tranquil morning. Sharing some snaps here.

Lush Green River Walk Trail!!

Lush Green River Walk Trail @ San Gabriel

Beautiful and blissful Morning!!

Welcome to Best RV Park in Georgetown

Sunset at the river - Pure Bliss!!

San Gabriel River - Shady River RV Park Georgetown

Nature Bliss

2021 brought snow to Central Texas. Sharing pictures from tenants.

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Walking Trail at River

Propane: Tenants can get propane 2 ways

  • Trico Propane: They deliver propane to your RV. Their phone number is 512-352-8500
  • Tractor Supply: Tractor supply has best prices in the area. Prices vary so please check. But they are usually most reasonable. They are 12 miles (~13 min drive) from the park.